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Now maintaining hygiene is easy with our Floor Cleaners, Phenyl and Toilet Cleaners.

Year 2019

Bespoke Production

We understand every client is different and so are their individual requirements.

Customers Importance

We are a customer centric company and were started with a single motive of forging strong relationship with customers by maintaining complete honesty in business deals.

Our Objective

Not much time have we spent in the industry as compared to long standing and well established industry counterparts, however, we have been successful in gaining a position of repute in a few years time.

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Quality products demand quality services, and our team makes sure that right products for the required job are delivered right on time, every time.
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We, Touchn Spark Private Limited manufacture and offer cleaning products like Toilet Cleaner, Rose Fragrance Floor Cleaner and Black Phenyl in quantities desired by customers.

Touchn Spark Private Limited

Hygiene has become an essential practice in our everyday lives for keeping ourselves, our families and friends safe from infectious diseases. Cleaning products like floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, etc., that are used every day to maintain cleanliness, are widely in demand these days. We, Touchn Spark Private Limited, were formed in 2019, the same year when deadly COVID-19 engulfed the entire world. To tackle the challenges posed by this disease, we started production of Citrus Fragrance Floor Cleaner, White Phenyl, Toilet Cleaner and more in the said category on a large scale. Our on-site production facility fitted with needed machines and equipment, enables us to produce bespoke cleaning products for our customers in variety of sizes and fragrances. Right from the first call until the final completion of order, our expert employees remain on their toes, at all times. Their dedication, efforts and desire to exceed clients expectations with right quality products at right prices backed by high standard of services have made us unarguably a quality conscious manufacturer and supplier.
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